About Qlik Sense


Qlik Sense is an intuitive, analytical platform aimed at the business user. Powered by Qlik's patented associative, in-memory analytic engine, Qlik Sense uses simple drag and drop interfaces to create flexible, interactive data visualisations. Users are free to explore their data with smart visualisations that automatically adapt to the parameters they set, without the need for developers, data scientists or designers.

The responsive design automatically adapts to any screen size, be it desktop, laptop or mobile, and its enterprise scalability combines the benefits of self service data discovery with secure, enterprise level governance of data and analytics.

Qlik Sense Desktop

For Individuals

Import your own data and experience the power of Qlik Sense. A free data visualization tool that anyone can use on a personal computer.

Qlik Sense Cloud

Secure Hosting

Interact with Qlik Sense apps whenever the need arises. Invite others to do the same in a secure environment.

Qlik Sense Enterprise

For Enterprise

Visualize data, build custom apps, embed visuals and support the entire spectrum of enterprise-level uses. Now there are no limits.

Download Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a supercharged self-service data visualization and analysis application. It lets business users create personalized visualizations, reports and dashboards with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Qlik Sense version: June 2018 (Path 1)
File Size: 570mb

About QlikView


QlikView is a rich, guided analytics platform, enabling business driven data discovery for users. Applications are built for a specific purpose or business area, and focused on enabling users to answer questions about their business via a beautiful, compelling, simple point and click interface, that enables data exploration, drill down and sideways navigation.

QlikView is targeted at users who require more standardized, guided analytics, incorporating data from multiple sources, and ensuring centralized control of dashboards, layouts and designs - one set of data and apps for use across the entire organisation.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform
  • Holds data in memory for multiple users.
  • Automatically maintains associations in the data.
  • Calculates aggregations on the fly.
  • Compresses in-memory data to as little as 10% of its original size.
  • Fully utilizes the power of the hardware.
  • Offers enterprise class capabilities for Business Discovery.

Import your own data and experience the power of QlikView. Explore your data on a personal computer and make new discoveries.

QlikView version: 11.2 SR 12
File Size: 370mb

Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting is an advanced, integrated reporting and distribution solution for the Qlik suite of products. Highly polished, pixel perfect reports can be created and distributed quickly and easily via a simple drag and drop interface, in a variety of formats including MS Powerpoint, Excel, Word and PDF.

Fast and easy report creation

Develop reports with drag-and-drop simplicity, in a variety of popular formats

  • Microsoft™ Office formats including POwerPoint, Excel and Word
  • Highly polished pixel-perfect reports in HTML formats and more
  • Simple, web-based client and built-in editing tools

Reports delivered the way you need them

Deliver the right reports to the right people at the right times

  • Centrally schedule, generate and deliver reports through a variety of channels
  • Filter information for customized reports relevant to the user
  • Search for and subscribe to reports through a secure, self-service “Newsstand” portal

Collaborative analytics for the enterprise

Use the same platform for visual analytics and reporting

  • Enhanced security and scalability for large enterprise deployments
  • Retire legacy BI and reporting systems for significant savings
  • Promote the adoption of data discovery by linking to live Qlik Sense and QlikView apps

K4 Analytics

K4 Analytics

Leverage K4 Analytics and build the missing link between your preferred BI platform and Enterprise Databases, contributing to your Corporate Performance Management.

No more spreadsheet anarchy and finally effortless real-time data consolidation: you will continue to use your Excel models but we will make them dynamically integrated with the data-sources, with the ability of editing the data and saving back on the fly to the central database(s).

Enjoy Smart Data-Entry, master numbers and simulation thanks to rich features such as blocked totals, copy from, allocation drivers… Just add full audit trail, integrated workflow control and real time collaboration, this is

K4 Analytics