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Data Courses

Big Data Analytics Courses

As a business analyst, consultant, data scientist or BI developer it is important to maintain your skill set in an evolving world of technology. To get you going, here is a look at some providers of free and paid online courses.

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2018 Review

2018 - The Year of Qlik Sense

2018 was the year that Qlik Sense caught up with, and in many respects surpassed, QlikView as a tool for delivering full featured BI solutions. We look at some of our favourite features from the 2018 releases that made this possible.

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Big Data

One Strange Rock

Some takeaways from Qonnections 2018 - Freaks, Big BIG data and disruption.

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Qonnections 2018

Reflections on Qonnections

The Insight Management team attended Qonnections in Orlando at the end of April 2018. We'll be sharing some thoughts on the conference, starting with my comparison of the vision of QlikView.Next from 2014 to where were are today.

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Muziwandile Dube

An Interview with Muziwandile Dube

An interview with InQbate trainee, Muziwandie, about his interest in the programme, his favourite parts of the course and his passion for Qlik.

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Zama Mncwabe

An interview with Zama Mncwabe

We interviewed InQbate trainee, Zama, to hear about her experience with the mentorship programme, where she found value and whether she would recommend it to others.

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Upuli de Abrew

InQbate launches: An interview with Upuli de Abrew.

InQbate is a training programme aimed at recruiting young graduates with a maximum of two years working experience in the Business Intelligence industry, with the aim of developing them into fully fledged Qlik consultants.

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Technical Updates.

Qlik Sense Data Reduction

Data Reduction using Section Access in Qlik Sense Cloud

It is generally understood that using section access for security is not available in Qlik Sense Cloud. However, you can use standard Qlik section access syntax to achieve user-specific data reduction.

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Weather Widget

A Simple HTML Weather Widget in Qlik Sense

Widgets can be used to create custom navigation and visualisation objects in Qlik Sense, as well as to display content from the web.

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Line Layers in Maps

The Line Layer in Qlik Sense Maps

The June 2018 release of Qlik Sense adds lines to the map chart, opening up a world of possibility for the analysis of point-to-point data.

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Mindmaps for Qlik UI Design

Mindmaps and Qlik UI Design

Mindmapping is a useful technique for note-taking in many business scenarios, such as requirements gathering and application design. Mindmapping can also be used effectively for the user interface design of a QlikView or Qlik Sense application, providing a visual representation of the layout of the sheets and objects.

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Text arrows in Qlik Sense

Text Arrows in Tables

Up and down arrows are a good way to visually show performance, especially when used with colour. QlikView allows the use of images as arrows, but formatting your numbers to include text arrows can be neater and more compact. In Qlik Sense, using number formatting is the only way to achieve arrows.

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Reload Schedule

Deleting Documents from QlikView Server

If you have a QlikView Server reload task that is failing, but the document doesn't appear in your Documents list, or you have lost some of your document CALs, it's possible you've deleted a document without doing the necessary admin. Read on for how to resolve both of these issues...

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Rental Projection

Compound Projections using Pow() and Age()

A simple formula to calculate compound interest or future income based on start date, end date and escalation %.

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Gantt Chart

A QlikView Gantt Chart

Creating a Gantt type chart for task progress tracking, with a popup mouseover description.

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Accounting for public holidays with NetWorkDays()

Using the NetWorkDays() function to calculate work days between two dates, including public holidays.

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