Dynamic Data Reduction using Section Access in Qlik Sense Cloud.

Section Access Dynamic Data Reduction using Section Access in Qlik Sense Cloud.
Dynamic Data Reduction using Section Access in Qlik Sense Cloud.

Data reduction is useful in Qlik Sense when you want to create an additional limitation on the data that a user can see in an app. For example, you may have Head Office as well as Regional managers who have access to a sales app. The Head Office managers can see sales in all regions, but the regional managers can only see their own region's sales. Or you may want to have employees' HR data only avilable to their department manager. In Qlik Sense this in achievable using Section Access. It is generally accepted that Qlik Sense Cloud doesn't support Section Access, however it can be used for Data Reduction. The key element is how to identify the users. In Qlik Sense users are identified by domain\username. In Qlik Sense Cloud it is not obvious what the domain and usernames are.

No Data Reduction applied.

No Data Redution applied

Below is an basic example of applying regional access using Section Access:

                                    Star is *;


                                    Section access;

                                    LOAD * inline [
                                    ACCESS, USERID, SP
                                    USER, QLIKCLOUD\qlikid_insight.admin, *
                                    USER, QLIKCLOUD\qlikid_insight.johannesburg, JHB
                                    USER, QLIKCLOUD\qlikid_insight.capetown, CPT
                                    USER, QLIKCLOUD\qlikid_insight.durban, DBN
                                    USER, QLIKCLOUD\qlikid_insight.kznall, KZN


                                    Section Application;


  • In Sense NTUSER serves no purpose. Instead make use of USERID.
  • There's no need for PASSWORD as Sense won't prompt for user credentials as in QlikView, thus their statement that Sense doesn't support Section Access.
  • ACCESS should always be USER, as ADMIN by default has access to the entire dataset.
  • Use QLIKCLOUD as the domain, and prefix the user's QlikID with qlikid_ 
  • To get the user's QlikID you could add =OSUser() to a text box.
  • Always ensure that the Dimension Label used for Data Reduction is uppercase. i.e. SP

Data Reduction applied.

Data Redution applied

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