Gantt Chart with Mouseover Descriptions

Gantt Chart with Descriptions A Gantt chart created with QlikView, with mouseover descriptions.
QlikView Gantt Chart

QlikView does not come with a project management style Gantt chart for task progress tracking, but it is fairly simple to create a basic one from a bar chart, using the bar offet feature. You can also add a description that appears when you hover your mouse pointer over a bar.

To create a Gantt type chart, you need a start and end date for each Project. The expression for the bars is

Then expand the options under the expression and make the Bar Offset = min(StartDate).

You can make a field that is loaded as a Description for each Project appear when you hover over a bar in a bar chart. I have loaded a field called Description that describes each Project. Where I have Project as a Dimension in a bar (or bubble) chart, I have created an additional expression - Description - as =only(Description). Untick all of the Display Options, so it is not a Bar, Line, etc, and tick "Text as Pop-up". The Description is now displayed when you hover over the bar.

This type of chart can be used to visualise any data with a start and end date or time, such as Projects, Order Delivery, QlikView document reloads, etc.

Posted by Colin Hancox

Senior QlikView Consultant. Currently providing Business Intelligence solutions for various large companies in the retail and manufacturing sectors, using QlikView on Oracle and Microsoft AX databases.