Easy Arrows

QlikView Arrows Using arrows and colour formatting in a table in Qlik Sense.
Easy Arrows

This tip comes courtesy of the experts at the Qlik Master Summit. Up and down arrows provide a good visual indication of performance. QlikView provides a built in library of arrows in straight tables to achieve something like this:

QlikView arrows

These arrows do take up a bit of space though, horizontally and vertically, and they require an additional expression. They are also not possible in Qlik Sense. As an alternative, that works in QlikView and Qlik Sense, you can format a number to include a symbol, such as an up or down arrow, so you get something like this:

Text arrows

The format mask for this is

chr(9650) & '#,##0.0%;' & chr(9660) & '#,##0.0%'

So your expression would look something like:
num(sum(Sales/Budget), chr(9650) & '#,##0.0%;' & chr(9660) & '#,##0.0%')
On the Number tab the format must be set to Expression Default. In Qlik Sense, the number format must be set to Auto. The text colour is set using Visual Cues or the expression Text Color setting as normal.

Text arrows

Posted by Colin Hancox

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