Deleting Documents from QlikView Server

Reload Schedule Make sure to remove reload schedules and document CALs before deleting a QVW from QlikView server.
Deleting Documents from QlikView Server

When a QlikView model is no longer used, it's tempting to just delete it from the Models folder. There are two things you need to consider however, before you delete a document from a mounted folder.

  1. Does the document have a reload schedule? If you delete a document and it has a reload schedule in QlikView server, the reload will continue to try to run, and you'll get reload errors. The document will still appear on the Tasks page, even though it no longer appears on the Documents page.
  2. Does the document have Document CALs? If you delete a document with documents CALs assigned to it, those assigned CALs will be "lost", and will not be able to be allocated to another document.

If you have missing document CALs, or a non-existent reload that is failing, the solution to both problems is to restore the document to where it was, and then set the reload schedule to None, or set the Allocated Doc CALs = 0. It doesn't need to be the original document, if you have deleted the document permanently you can copy any QlikView model into the deleted model's previous location, and rename it to the name of that deleted model.

Once the document has no reload schedule and no doc CALs assigned, it can be safely deleted (or, better, moved to an unmounted Archive folder). Best practice is to stop the QlikView Server service before moving or deleting documents.

Posted by Colin Hancox

Senior QlikView Consultant. Currently providing Business Intelligence solutions for various large companies in the retail and manufacturing sectors, using QlikView on Oracle and Microsoft AX databases.