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Welcome to Insight Consulting.

Insight Consulting is a leading Business Intelligence Consultancy with offices in Durban Johannesburg and Cape Town, offering Business Intelligence solutions and strategy consulting. Insight Consulting’s product suite of choice is Qlik due to its unprecedented ability to quickly extract data from multiple data sources and transform this data into visually compelling and intuitive graphical interfaces, enabling complex analytics.

Insight Consulting is one of the longest standing QlikView partners in South Africa, and has deployed Business Intelligence solutions across multiple business and industry segments, including Retail, Logistics, Finance, Utilities, Human Resources, Higher Education, Call Centre, Manufacturing, FMCG, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing.

"It takes intelligent software and analytical expertise across a multitude of industries, to make a difference with your data"

Traditionally, Business Intelligence falls into two disparate categories: the technology infrastructure and software necessary to collate and structure data into a reportable format and the resulting strategies around that; and secondly the human intelligence required to make sense of reports, dashboards and analytics, in a way that will make a difference to the organisations utilising them. These two categories are usually performed by two different types of individual or company. The first is generally an IT function, the second usually seen as an Analyst role for someone with in-depth experience within the company or industry.

At Insight Consulting, we differentiate ourselves by offering strong capabilities across both these categories, by recruiting highly competent, technical team leaders, who possess analytical and/or specific business skills in certain industries. Our consultants have the ability to quickly grasp the mechanics of almost any business, with the benefit of utilising the necessary technology to deliver meaningful insights, which in turn, translates to competitive advantage for our customers.

Sales Finance HR Purchasing Manufact. Logistics Technical Other
Actual vs Plan Financial Analysis Staff Movements Vendor Analysis Plant Maintenance Operations Email & Internet Usage Warehousing
Product Distribution   Overtime Analysis Procurement Analysis Production Toll Mgmt Qlik Model Usage Call Centre
Customer Rebates Absence Analysis Procurement Optimisation Production Planning Load Optimisation Licence Mgmt Collections
Promo Tracking Headcount Analysis   Quality Mgmt Route Optimisation   Page Impressions
Rolling Forecast     Stock Activity Based Costing   Surveys
Planning Solutions     Risk Logistics Costing   Advertising Spot Analysis
Orders, Stock Audits Benchmarking     Safety     Telephony
Incident Mgmt       Carbon Footprint     Incident Mgmt
Profitability     OEE     Credit Risk

Our expertise has earned us Partner of the Year SA four times, Most Consistent Contributor awards three times, an Exceptional Performance Award in 2013, and we were also recognised at the global QlikView Partner Conference in Miami in 2012 for our contribution to Qlik's performance in the region.

In February 2019 at the most recent SA Qlik Awards evening, we are proud to have taken home two awards: an individual award for our Sales Director for the Best Salesperson of the Year 2018, and the coveted Partner of the Year award for 2018.

When it comes to business analytics and enterprise performance applications, leading businesses choose to partner with Insight Consulting. We make value happen by revolutionising information and analytics for our customers daily.

Our Vision

Our vibrant, dynamic team is creating a global business revolutionizing information & analytics.

Our Mission

Everyday, we make value happen for our customers, partner & employees.

What you get

A dedicated team of passionate individuals from a diverse background of industries who provide all-encompassing data analytics, strategy consulting and various other budgeting, planning and forecasting solutions.


Partner of the Year 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2018

Most Consistent Contributor Award 2015, 2016 and 2017

Exceptional Performance Award 2013

Contribution to Performance in the Region 2012

Insight Consulting is a Level 2 BBBEE Company

BBBEE Certificate