Business Intelligence

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Business Discovery

Information is a vital and valuable asset of all modern businesses...

Insight Consulting is a Business Intelligence company delivering the full spectrum of services within the business intelligence environment, specialising in Qlikview solutions. Insight Consulting will work with you to tap into your organisationís existing data repositories and extract key information elements into Qlikview data models, quickly, easily and accurately.

Insight Consultingís founding members are previous Qlikview customers, and have several years of experience in the Business Intelligence field, across a broad range of technologies and industries, including both hands-on and high level business intelligence strategy implementation. Our dedicated team of consultants is highly experienced, trained and skilled in both the technology, and the softer skills required to provide business intelligence advisory and implementation services to our customers.

With highly successful Business Intelligence implementations in the FMCG, Alcoholic Beverage, Manufacturing, Higher Education, Logistics, Finance, Call Centre and Retail sectors of South Africa, Insight Consulting will optimise information delivery in your organization.